HB Series Shoe box LED lights, UL DLC listed, 50W-300W, 7 Years Warranty, 100-277VAC

Item No.: CRD-SHB-B-50W/100W/150W/200W/250W/300W
► UL DLC listed, Mean well driver, Philips SMD3030, 7 years warranty
► Beam angle 80*150°
► Stand/Microwave Sensor/Zigbee Smart control/Bluetooth Mesh/Photocell sensor/Surge Protection  10KV versions optional
► 120-277VAC
► 50W-300W, 130 lm/W
► IP65
Model Power Voltage  Efficiency  LED Source Driver & LED Brand Beam Angle
CRD-SHB-B-50W 50W  AC120-277V 130lm/W SMD3030 Mean well Driver
Philips SMD3030

CRD-SHB-B-100W 100W AC120-277V 130lm/W SMD3030 80*150°
CRD-SHB-B-150W 150W AC120-277V 130lm/W SMD3030 80*150°
CRD-SHB-B-200W 200W AC120-277V 130lm/W SMD3030 80*150°
CRD-SHB-B-250W 250W AC120-277V 130lm/W SMD3030 80*150°
CRD-SHB-B-300W 300W AC120-277V 130lm/W SMD3030 80*150°
Operating Temperature IP Rank CRI(Ra) Material CCT Lifetime Warranty
-20~+50°C IP66 >70 Aluminum 2850-6800K >50000h 7 Years

Packing Information
Model Qty/ctn Carton Size GW/ctn
CRD-SHB-B-50W 1pc 450*380*130mm 5.5kgs
CRD-SHB-B-150W 1pc 560*360*140mm 6.4kgs
CRD-SHB-B-250W 1pc 720*380*140mm 9.5kgs
 Advantages of LED Shoebox light
 1. ETL DLC listed, Mean well driver, Philips SMD3030
 2. Beam angle 80*150°
 3. StandMicrowave Sensor/Zigbee Smart control/Bluetooth Mesh/Photocell sensor/Surge Protection 10KV types optional
 4. 120-277VAC
 5. 60W-300W, 130 lm/W
 6. IP66
 7. 7 years warranty.


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