2x4 ft (1200x600mm) 60W Flat LED Panel Light, 110-130lm/w, 2700K-6500K, 200-240VAC, 5 years Warranty

Item No.: CR-PL6001200-60W-WW/NW/PW/CW
Benefits of LED Panels:
* Custom Service:  the panel size, CRI (Ra 98 max), CCT,
  wattage, lumen and etc can be customized.
* Unique mold of Crown-LED, less screws needed, elegant outlook.
* High dust resistance, IP50 (IP65 Max).
* Flicker Free.
DATASHEET Introduction Installation-ways Youtube Video

Below is standard size 600x1200 (598x1198mm) Recessed LED Panel Light, other customized sizes are welcome. The panel light size/CRI (Ra 98 max)/CCT/Wattage/Lumen and etc can be customized.

Quick Details  

            Product No.                       Size(mm)         Power(W)          Lumen(lm)          lm/W              CCT             Beam angle           Ra>            Life Time(hrs)           IP                                 Available Drivers                
CR-PL6001200-60W-WW            598x1198              60                       6600                  110             3000K                 120°                  80                  50000                    50              Non/Triac/0-10V/Dali Dim optional
CR-PL6001200-60W-NW            598x1198              60                        6900                  115             4000K                 120°                  80                  50000                    50              Non/Triac/0-10V/Dali Dim optional
CR-PL6001200-60W-PW             598x1198              60                       7200                  118             5000K                 120°                   80                  50000                    50              Non/Triac/0-10V/Dali Dim optional
CR-PL6001200-60W-CW             598x1198              60                       7200                  130             6000K                 120°                   80                  50000                    50              Non/Triac/0-10V/Dali Dim optional 
Common Data  
     Input Voltage (V)                     Material          LED Light Source          Warranty(yrs)          N.W./pc (kg)          G.W./pc (kg)          pcs/ctn          Size/ctn(cm)          G.W/ctn(kg)            Qty for 20GP/40GP          

          220-240V                          Aluminum+PS         SMD4014                             5                             4.5                            5.6                        5                  130x21x70                    28                            
ENERGY SAVING: The 2x4FT Edge-Lit Flat LED Panel can replace 160W halogen bulb, saving in energy consumption up to 82%.

DIMMABLE: For the NON-dimmable panel, connect the AC mains power to the LED driver;   The optional dimming can be achieved by either of the following 3 methods:
    1) TRIAC dimming - with a conventional wall mounted TRIAC dimmer switch using your existing wiring.
    2) 0-10V dimming - using a 0-10v dimmer switch to connect our 0-10V dimmable LED Driver (please note that control wires are required from the dimmable driver to the switch).
    3) Dali dimming - using a Dali dimmer switch to connect our Dali dimmable LED Driver (please note that control wires are required from the dimmable driver to the switch).

• Application: This LED Panel light is developed to illuminate surfaces or rooms evenly.  The large beam angle is suitable for illuminating surfaces or rooms, use this  long-lasting, top-quality brightness 2' x 4' LED panel light for nearly any indoor space like home lighting, office lighting, basement lighting, light box and sign backlighting, school lighting and hospital lighting.

INSTALLATION:  The LED light is operated with constant current LED Driver, it can be recessed in T-Grid ceiling You can install the panel light by following the INSTRUCTION MANUAL(included in the package);  No accessories for T-Grid installation; Two alternative mounting options (Required accessories) are available: Cable Suspension kits ( for ceiling mounting with a contemporary look) and surface mounted boxes ( for concrete or plasterboard ceilings/walls).

• CERTIFICATION: The LED panel light is qualified by "TUV CE" and "RoHs", The LED Drivers are qualified by "UL, FCC, CE, GB, RoHs and etc.; Get started to choose Crown-LED panel with confidence.

Replace traditional fluorescent lamps:  It's ideal as a direct replacement for existing 600 x 1200 four-tube fluorescent modular fittings, but only consumes 60W of electricity – giving a savings of over 80%! No annoying flicker or buzz. Perfect for either retrofit application or new construction, this panel installs easily in suspended grid ceilings and troffer fixtures.

Warranty: We offer a 5-year warranty on our LED Panel Lights and free consultation and advice on how to pick the most suitable LED lighting for your specific situation.

You Can Install Crown-LED Panel Lights in four simple Steps:
1. Switch off the power;
2. To replace the old light, firstly disconnect the old lamp from the mains and remove it, Or to install our LED panels in new construction, choose any type of below LED Panel Lights installations Ways;
3. Wire the LED panel light driver to the mains;
4. Connect the male/female connector.


I. Recessed LED Panel Light

Place the light panel into the recessed ceiling and do all necessary connections.

No accessories needed for recessed installation, but you can also add 2 safety wires for better protection.


II. Suspended LED Panel Light

If you want to install the panel light with suspension kits, pls remark in the PO.
Each LED Panel light comes along with one set (4pcs/6pcs per set) of stainless steel braided cables and mounting hardware.
Suitable for all ceilings without ceiling hole.



III. Surface Mounted LED Panel Light

You need to order surface mounting frame if you want to install the ceiling panel light by surface mounting. 

Suitable for all ceilings without ceiling hole.

                                                                                    Download the detailed Installation Manuel from our Download Center.


We will share with you our latest product info or LED industy info. Thanks.