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Preparation steps for outdoor lighting construction design

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Author : Shenzhen Crown Lighting
Update time : 2021-08-01 10:53:46
Preparation steps for outdoor lighting construction design

1) Collect data and understand the situation:

Guangdong outdoor lighting manufacturers mainly collect design specifications, standard atlases and other design basis materials, and collect equipment selection materials such as light source and lighting product samples. At the same time, outdoor lighting projects also need to understand process production, use requirements, and construction and structure conditions.
2) Lighting design:
custom lighting design of the outdoor lighting of the City of Light is as follows: collect original data → determine the lighting method and type → determine a reasonable light source → select the form of the lamp and determine the model → rationally arrange the lamp → calculate the illuminance and determine the installation power of the light source → Carry out glare evaluation→determine lighting control strategy and so on.
3) Electrical design:
The steps of electrical design are as follows: determine the power distribution mode→divide the power supply range of each switchboard and its installation location→calculate the working current of each branch line and main line, select the cross section and model of the conductor, the laying method, the diameter of the pipe, and the neutral line Check calculation of current and voltage loss→Choose electrical equipment.
4) Final connection of the pipe network:
In the electrical lighting design process, the pipeline network should be summarized with other professional designs, and carefully check whether there are contradictions and conflicts between the pipelines. Under normal circumstances, avoid electrical wiring or take protective measures.
In the installation and laying of electrical lighting, there are often pre-buried threading pipes, welding parts of brackets or pre-buried holes, etc., which should be submitted to the civil construction at the time of summary. The information provided in the
LED outdoor lighting project should be specific and accurate, such as the position of the reserved hole, the distance from the coordinate axis, and so on.
5) Drawing of construction drawings:
The steps of drawing construction drawings are as follows: draw a floor plan → draw a diagram of the power distribution system → write a project description → list the main materials.
6) Preparation of budget estimates (budget):
It is determined according to the requirements of the construction unit or the design power of attorney.
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