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Simple and tough, engineering quality of UFO round high bay lights

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Author : Crownda.LED
Update time : 2021-09-18 14:58:53
Simple and tough, engineering quality of UFO round high bay lights

LED high bay light is closely related to industrial production. High bay lights have gradually entered people’s field of vision with directional light emission, low power consumption, good driving characteristics, fast response speed, high shock resistance, long service life, and green environmental protection. LED light source lamps have become a new generation of energy-saving light source with the most advantages in replacing traditional light sources in the world.

ufo high bay light is one of the most popular high bay lights. LED ufo high bay light will become the best choice for energy-saving transformation of traditional large-scale industrial plant lighting, and it is also the general trend.

1. Ultra high corrosion protection
The lamp body of ufo led high bay light has the characteristics of high corrosion resistance, high rust resistance, high waterproof, etc., which is especially suitable for working in various harsh environments with high protection requirements.

2. Optical lampshade
Using high-strength optical grade materials, corrosion resistance and impact resistance, the smart ufo high bay light transmittance can reach 95%~98%, the light is uniform and soft, and the anti-glare design.

3. Thermal performance
The light source radiator of ufo high bay led light has excellent heat conduction and heat dissipation performance. The separate design of the power supply cavity and the light source radiator can effectively control the temperature rise of the power supply within a reasonable range, thus ensuring the service life of the lamp.

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