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Smart street lights based on NB-IoT play a role in the construction of smart cities

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Update time : 2021-10-13 11:37:39
Smart street lights based on NB-IoT play a role in the construction of smart cities

Traditional smart street lights generally use a "two-hop" lighting solution, that is, the communication between the centralized controller and the terminal controller generally uses PLC, ZigBee, lora and other communication methods. This method requires the deployment of a large number of gateway controller street lights, which is costly, difficult to network, troublesome in operation and management, and is susceptible to interference, and reliability cannot be guaranteed. Smart street lights based on NB-IoT not only meet the discrete characteristics of street lights, but also realize the "one-hop" connection and control of each street light, without the need for gateway equipment, reducing construction and maintenance costs. At the same time, because NB-IoT uses the authorized spectrum, this eliminates the problem of network interference when smart street lights are running, and the IoT platform provides basic connection management, data management, and device management capabilities for smart street light applications, and makes smart street lights through open standard interfaces. The street lamp application is more flexible and convenient. Smart street lights based on NB-IoT are equipped with components and control devices with sensing, communication and processing capabilities on the basis of LED street lights, and their role in smart cities will continue to be highlighted.

1. Promote urban green lighting and further realize energy saving and emission reduction

The promotion of
LED street lights and the application of control technology are important means to achieve energy saving in urban road lighting. At the same time, collecting electricity usage data and intelligent management are also important ways to save electricity and energy. Based on the energy-saving of LED street lamps, smart street lamps realize "on-demand lighting" and secondary energy saving through intelligent control technology. Based on modern information technology such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing, it realizes street lamp inspection, fault active alarm, free grouping, map guidance, fault alarm, theft alarm, remote meter reading and other functions, so as to realize the refined management of urban road lighting and go further Exploit the energy-saving potential of urban road lighting and promote urban green lighting.

2. Facilitate the refinement of urban management and the convenience of public services

Smart street lights integrate charging piles, micro base stations, video probes, multimedia screens, information interaction screens, and are equipped with communication subsystems, sensor subsystems, etc., which can realize big data collection, analysis, processing, public information release, navigation and positioning, and wireless Internet services and other functions such as carrying micro base stations to realize a "wireless city"; transforming into a charging pile to provide charging services for new energy vehicles, intelligently monitoring municipal pipelines, and improving the efficiency of intelligent security response. Smart street lights provide good technical support for realizing the refinement of urban management and the convenience of public services, and are an important means for the implementation of smart city construction.

3. Show the city culture and shape the city brand

As an important part of urban public facilities,
street lamps are also a part of the urban landscape, which bears the function of beautifying the environment and inheriting urban civilization. Smart street lights can be designed, customized, and produced according to the cultural characteristics of each city, the cultural attributes of each region, and the cultural connotation of each scenic spot. It can become a container, carrier and stage of urban culture, and the residents in the urban space can communicate and interact well. platform. Incorporating urban cultural elements and regional cultural elements into the design of smart street lamps, portraying and expressing them through the language of light, and conveying cultural information to the residents of the city, can create a new "cultural business card" for the city and shape the city's brand.
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