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some problems of the housing of single LED flood light

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Author : Shenzhen Crown Lighting
Update time : 2021-08-01 11:16:20
Talk about some problems of the housing of single LED flood light

Outdoor LED lighting engineering manufacturers talk about the LED single-projector lamp housing, with its characteristics of high brightness, low energy consumption, and long life, gradually improving the current electric lamp market. Generally speaking, it is difficult to have problems with the housing of a single led outdoor flood light. In the problem of the housing of a single led floodlight outdoor, there are no more than three problems: the light does not turn on, the light becomes dim, and it flickers after turning off the light.
1. The problem is caused by abnormal power supply: you can check whether the power supply is working normally and whether the instruction light is on. If it does not light up, please check whether the power supply is connected. Then check the LED single light emission Is the power cord of the lamp housing well connected to the positive and negative of the power supply? Is there any reverse phase? If any of the above questions exist, please connect it accurately.
2. The voltage requirements of the housing of a single
LED project-light lamp:
The housing of a single LED spot light with a nominal 3V, in fact, different colors have different requirements for current. Excessive current will scorch the wick. Using 2.4V rechargeable battery, even if the voltage is not large, but the current is too large, it will still burn at will. When using the button battery, although the button battery voltage is 3V, but because the button battery discharge current is very small, so the 3V
LED single projection lamp housing will not be burned. Therefore, when using the single-projector LED lamp housing, you should choose an appropriate power supply, pay attention to the voltage, and current. When the power supply is selected, if it does not meet the additional requirements of the LED single-projector light housing, it is necessary to improve the circuit, and often install resistors.
3. How to divide the luminous color of the housing of a single floodlight outdoor? In the case of no electricity, if you want to make a choice when purchasing, it is recommended to prepare a 3V button battery, which can be used to conveniently check what the LED emits when selecting.
4. Factors of burning
high-power LED lamp beads:
(1) The upper and lower filaments are called gold wires in our industry. They are pure gold. They are used for conducting electricity. Two positive and two negative. Good products will have a fifth wire, which is welded to the Zener tube. It has a protective effect.
(2) When the filament becomes shorter, it has already clearly told you that your lamp has been burned out by a large current, which is equivalent to a circuit breaker.
(31) The high-power 1W drive current is around 350ma, and the operating voltage is between 3.2-3.6V. Please pay attention to it when using it. Excessive current will definitely burn the lamp.
(4) Usually the aluminum substrates of the three 1W lamps are driven by 12V or so, rarely use 220V directly. Can you see if a constant current source is missing or a 12V drive power supply is missing?
5. Factors that cause yellowing of the housing of a single outdoor Led floodlight:
The yellowing factor of the LED outer encapsulant is caused by the mismatch between the epoxy resin and the curing agent, but it cannot be caused by the excessively long baking time of the outer encapsulant. Solution: Purchase a complete set of external sealant and curing agent, pay attention to production control, and strictly guide the work according to the homework to prevent factors such as excessive or lack of baking time. This situation is easy to control.
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