AC 220-240V LED Panel Light

30W-60W Driverless LED Panel Light, 200-240V, Surface Mounted, Backlite,110-130lm/w, 2700K-6500K, 3 years Warranty

* Backlite LED Panel Light
* High Voltage Input, No Need LED Driver
* Easy to Install, can install alone. Low labor cost
* Light in Weight, can make big size
* Flicker Free
* Custom Service Available
* Product Height: 45mm
DATASHEET Installation-ways Youtube Video

Below are all existed standard sizes for the Hight Voltage AC200-240V LED Panel Light, other customized sizes are welcome. The panel light size/CRI (Ra 98 max)/CCT/Wattage/Lumen and etc can be customized.

Quick Details  

            Product No.                                                   Product Size(mm)                    Power(W)            lm/W                CCT                         Ra>              IP               Available Drivers   
CR-PLS320620-30W-WW/NW/PW/WW                     320x620                                    30                 110-120           2700K-6500K             80               40                Non Dimmable
CR-PLS3201210-60W-WW/NW/PW/WW                   320x1210                                  60                 110-130           2700K-6500K             80               40                Non Dimmable
CR-PLS620620-60W-WW/NW/PW/WW                     620x620                                     60                 110-130           2700K-6500K             80               40                Non Dimmable
CR-PLS6201210-60W-WW/NW/PW/WW                   620x1210                                   60                 110-130           2700K-6500K             80               40               Non Dimmable

Common Data  
     Input Voltage (V)                     Material                       LED Light Source                Beam angle                 Life Time                     Warranty(yrs)      

          220-240V                          Aluminum+PS                         SMD2835                           120°                          50000                                  3

Most of the existing surface mounting panels are not easy to install, you need to install all pieces one by one Standing on the ladder. Our surface mounted led panel light is very easy to install, check it out as below:


I. Mounting Board

Carefully Screw the Surface Mounting Board to the Ceiling.


II. Safety Wire

Slide the round wire head into the track tunnel of the mounting Board.


III. Connect panel to the mounting board.

Install one side to the metal spring plunger, push to the otherside and push up until both sides of panel frame are locked up.

No toolds are needed.




This is high voltage LED Panel Light, please only install the light when the power is switched off. Please wire the earth cable while installing. Do not disassemble the lamp.



We will share with you our latest product info or LED industy info. Thanks.