12W-30W UGR<17 COB LED Down Light, 120-140lm/w, 5 years Warranty, 2700K-6500K, 200-240VAC

Item No.: CR-DL05C-245-XXW-WW/NW/PW/CW
Benefits of COB Down Light LED
* UGR<17, Flicker Free
* Custom Service available
* One LED Lamp, Four Installation Ways
* Unique mold of Crown-LED
* Easy to (dis)assemble, support SKD shipment
DATASHEET Introduction Installation-ways Youtube Video

The Down light size/CRI (Ra 98 max)/CCT/IP(65 max)/Wattage/Lumen and etc can be customized.

Quick Details  

                         No. de produit                         Product Size(mm)          Cut-out Size(mm)             Power(W)            lm/W                     CCT                       Ra>             IP                             Available Drivers                
CR-DL05C-245-12W-WW/NW/PW/WW      ¢245mm*H54mm           ¢190-240mm                      12                 120-140           2700K-6500K              80               54           Non/Triac/0-10V/Dali Dim optional
CR-DL05C-245-20W-WW/NW/PW/WW      ¢245mm*H54mm           ¢190-240mm                      20                 120-140           2700K-6500K              80               54           Non/Triac/0-10V/Dali Dim optional
CR-DL05C-245-30W-WW/NW/PW/WW      ¢245mm*H54mm           ¢190-240mm                      30                 120-140           2700K-6500K              80               54           Non/Triac/0-10V/Dali Dim optional

Common Data  

     Input Voltage (V)                     Material                       LED Light Source                Beam angle                  Life Time                     Warranty(yrs)      
          220-240V                      Aluminum+Glass                         COB                                       60°                           50000                                  5
Model: CR-DL05C-245-XXW-YY ("XX" means wattage, ≤30W; "YY" means CCT, from 2700K to 6500K );                                                        

1. Product size with ring: ¢245mm*H54mm (Cuthole size: ¢190-240mm)----Installed with clip rings                                                       
                                             ¢187mm*H52mm----Installed with holder                                                        
                                             ¢245mm*H145mm----Installed with Surface Mounting & 
steel braided cables
2. Maximum PCB size: ¢166mm                                                        
3. Lumen: 120-140 Lm/W                                                        
4. Ra>80 (Can be Ra>96)                                                       
5. Advantages:                                                         
    1) Exclusive private mold, unique outlook, good heat sinking;                                                                                           
    2) Internal and external pressure equalizing system available, suitable for bathroom and sea boat, please specify in PO;                                                        
    3) IP54 & IP65 are available;                                                        
    4) Flexible in PCB and LED Source: both SMD and COB LED are available, support customized service;                                                        
    5) Anti-glare, UGR<17;                                                        
    6) Can match Tridonic PCB: CLE-AC-160-1500-830-CLA                                                                               
6. Covering wide cutout size: ¢190-240mm, which helps customer to reduce stock;                                                        
7. Four installation ways: Clip-in / Surface Mounted / With holder / Suspending;                                                        
8. Driver can be mounted to the back of the lamp;                                                        
9. Outer ring is easy to assemble and disassemble, support SKD shipment.                 
10. Non/Triac/0-10V/Dali dimmable optional.                                  


You Can Install Crown-LED Down Lights in four simple Steps:
1. Switch off the power;
2. To replace the old light, firstly disconnect the old lamp from the mains and remove it, Or to install our LED Down Light in new construction, choose any type of below down lights installations Ways;
3. Wire the LED Down light driver to the mains;
4. Connect the male/female connector.


** This is the main part of the LED Down Light, you can buy different accessories to achieve different installation ways as below**
All the accessories are easy to assemble and disassemble from/to the  down light main part.


I. Embedded LED Down Light with Clips

With the accessory of clip-in ring, you can easily  clip-in the down light to the ceiling. Ceiling hole size from 190mm to 240mm is adaptable.

II. Surface Mounted LED Down Light with mounting housing



With the accessory of surface mounting housing, you can easily install the down light by surface mounting. 

Suitable for all ceilings without ceiling hole.



III. Suspended LED Down Light with mounting housing & stainless steel braided cables


With the accessory of mounting housing and steel braided cables, you can easily hang the down light in anywhere you prefer.


Surface Mounted LED Down Light with bracket


With the accessory of bracket, you can easily install the down light by surface mounting. 

Suitable for all ceilings without ceiling hole.

                                                 Download the detailed Installation Manuel from our Download Center.


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