Dong'an, Yongzhou, Hunan: Repairing rural street lights to "light up" quiet villages

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Update time : 2021-09-09 14:44:11
Dong'an, Yongzhou, Hunan: Repairing rural street lights to "light up" quiet villages

Dong'an County regards the maintenance of rural street lamps as an item of caring for the people, contacting the street lamp suppling company to repair the faulty road lamps in the rural areas in time, ensuring that the lighting rate of the rural street luminaries in the county is over 99% all year round, so that the rural street lighting fixtures "light up" The silent countryside "illuminates" the hearts of thousands of people.

The staff of the Rural Street Lamp Construction Headquarters of Dong'an County repaired a failed street lamp in Tongzishan Village, Baiya City Town, Dong'an County. After testing, it was found that the solar panels of the street LED lights were not generating enough power. After the technicians replaced the solar panels, the street lights turned on normally, and the villagers were grateful.

Li Renmei, a villager in Tongzishan Village, Baiya Town, Dong'an County, said with gratitude: "It is much more convenient to install street LED lamps now, we have all installed street and road LED lamps."

In recent years, Dong'an County has taken the construction of
rural street lamps LED as a part of improving the rural human settlement environment and building beautiful villages. Through fund-raising, financial investment and the establishment of a rural street LED fixture construction headquarters, in 2019, it will be the village of all administrative villages in the county. The main roads and all natural villages are all installed with LED street lights for free, and the total number of street LED road lights in the county’s rural areas has reached 14,700. These street lighting LED lamps not only light up the quiet night sky in the countryside, and facilitate the villagers' night travel, but also "ignite" the rural night culture, attracting the villagers to dance and exercise under the LED lighting street lamps.

"Now that there are street lamps & lights, we can all go out and dance. Rural areas are the same as cities. Our people's lives are getting better and better." Tang Qiongfang, a villager in Bazimen Village, Jingtouwei Town, Dong'an County, said happily.

At present, more than 60% of natural villages in Dong'an County, after installing LED street lights, have dance groups and practice places for square dance. After nearly 15,000
rural LED street lamps were installed, in order to make these street lamps normally illuminated, Dong'an County established a street lamp maintenance system linked by counties, townships, and villages, and the county organized the maintenance of faulty LED street lamps.

Dong’an rural street LED lights are currently under a two-year warranty. After a failure, the county’s rural street light construction headquarters will uniformly register, and then contact the street light supplier company to carry out repair services.
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