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How to choose the moisture-proof lamps in the bathroom? There are so many exquisites!

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Author : Crownda.LED
Update time : 2021-09-20 11:41:26
How to choose the moisture-proof lamps in the bathroom? There are so many exquisites!

As the room with the most water in the home, sanitary products should be moisture-proof. In the choice of bathroom lamps, we must consider both the brightness of the light and the moisture-proof effect of the lamps. What kind of lamps can effectively prevent moisture and have a service life Longer?

The dampness and humidity in the toilet are high, so the glass or plastic sealed lamps with reliable water resistance and safety should be the main choice in the selection of lamps.

In addition, the shape of the lamps should not be too complicated. It is best not to choose complicated lamp types, beautiful paper lamps and iron lamps that are prone to mold and rust.

Because the bathroom is relatively humid, you must be extra careful when wiring and installing lamps. Lamp connectors and sockets must not be exposed to the outside, lamps and switches should also be used with safety protection functions.

CROWNDALED is an enterprise specializing in R&D, production, manufacturing and sales of LED products and lighting fixtures. The
waterproof and moisture-proof LED downlight developed by CROWNDALED is especially suitable for toilets or other high-humidity spaces, such as cruise ships and passenger ships. The internal and external pressure equalizing system design make it moisture-proof.  Besides, our 9.6in and 10.6 inch down lights ring is big, can cover wide cutout, dia245mm down light's cutout size is dia190-240mm, dia270mm down light's cutout size is dia190-265mm, this is perfect for old downlights replacement and new lighting installation ceilings. 

CROWNDALED adheres to quality as life, continuously introduce advanced production equipment, develop and train outstanding technical personnel, keep pace with the times and innovate continuously. With many years of lighting production experience and advanced and complete production equipment and testing system, high-quality products enable our brand to show its vigorous vitality.
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