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Improve the health of teachers and students in classroom lighting.

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Author : Crownda.LED
Update time : 2021-09-20 10:40:10
Improve the health of teachers and students in classroom lighting.

From kindergarten to university graduation, a person's life will have to go through more than 20 years of campus study.

Students spend most of their time studying in the classroom every day, and the classroom must use lighting. If the lighting in the classroom is not good, it will seriously affect the eyesight of the students. Nowadays, more and more students are nearsighted. Eyes, schools must pay attention to the layout of classroom lighting, so how should the
classroom led panel light be selected?

1. Excellent anti-glare, comfortable
eye protection panel lights without depression
Reflected glare-a problem that can easily occur in blackboard lighting, can be said to be the culprit that hurts students' eyesight and the quality of teachers' teaching.

In order to eliminate the effect of glare in blackboard lighting, a diffuse anti-glare device with a homogenizing plate + grid anti-glare structure is used. The light source is not directly exposed to the line of sight, the light is soft, and the vision is comfortable.

Anti glare UGR<19 led light panels not only satisfies the illumination requirement but also effectively controls the glare. The comfortable light environment is not easy to cause visual fatigue, and it can really care for the health of the young people's eyes, and at the same time can make the teacher not feel the dazzling and depression of the blackboard lighting.

2. Sophisticated design, uniform light emission

Crowndaled Smart Lighting LED eye-protecting classroom lights have no light stroboscopic hazard and no blue light hazard, ensuring comfortable eye use.

Panel light LED can make the chalk written by the teacher brighter and clearer, and the students will no longer be blurred when watching the blackboard.

CROWNDALED panel light with high color rendering index, strong color reproduction, close to natural light. The illuminance and uniformity of illuminance are better than national standards.

With the same illuminance, led ceiling panel light can save electricity by more than 50%, the light source has a long service life, low light decay, low maintenance cost, no mercury, lead and other harmful substances, and it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

CROWNDALED is an enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of LED lighting products. The company's core team has rich industry experience and a senior team, dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality products and satisfactory services. Crowndaled continues to open up the market and create value for customers with advanced equipment, reliable quality, considerate service and good reputation.
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