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More Than 90 Days Underwater Aging Test for Our 2020 New LED Down Light

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Author : CROWN-LED
Update time : 2020-09-02 19:30:18

Underwater Aging Test for more than 90 days, testing is moving on. 


This new LED Downlight has been under aging test inside water for more than 90 days. We have full confidence to offer 5 years warranty for this new downlight.

This new item can be made either with SMD LED source or COB LED source (UGR<17), multiple installation ways are available. The embedded (clip-in) version fits ceiling cut-out size at 190-240mm, it's hard for your to find so wide range fitableness LED down light in the lighting market. We created it this way based on requests and demand from our long-term business partner in Europe, together with easiness to (dis)assemble, it should have big market.

Email us if you are interested, here you can learn more info for our new LED Down Light.


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