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What Is UGR?

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Update time : 2020-07-16 14:55:07

What Is UGR In Lighting?
The Unified Glare Rating (UGR) is used to measure the psychological parameters of the subjective response to the discomfort of the light emitted by the lighting device in the indoor visual environment to the human eye.

How Do We Measure UGR Level?

Before, the UGR value  was calculated using the CIE unified glare value formula according to the specified calculation conditions.

The original industrial and civil lighting design standards stipulate that direct glare for indoor general lighting is limited according to the brightness limit curve. This limitation method is only for the glare of a single lamp, and it cannot characterize the total glare effect generated by all lamps in the room. Therefore, CIE puts forward the calculation formula of unified glare value (UGR) on the basis of comprehensive calculation formulas of glare in various countries. It is suitable for general lighting design of simple cube-shaped rooms where the lamps are evenly spaced and the lamps are bisymmetrically distributed. The observation position is generally at the midpoint of the vertical and horizontal walls, and the line of sight is observed forward.

Why Is UGR Import?

The UGR level decides if a luminaire is eyes-friendly to people around it from account of the eye level and viel angle. The lower the glare rating, the less discomfort the user will take from the LED lighting.

What Determines UGR?

Many factors that determine UGR value such as beam angle of the led lights, the view angle, the shape and size of space, surface brightness of the walls, ceiling, floor and large areas. Check below table and choose the right LED luminaire for you.

What Is Recommended UGR Rating for LED Lights to Different Applications?
UGR Value Applications
16 Boardroom & Meeting Rooms
19 Office & Commercial
22 Industrial Work (Fine)
25 Industrial Work (High)
28 Circulation areas and corridors
More than 28 Deemed as harsh lighting (unacceptable)

Do We have UGR<19 LED Lights?

Yes, besides our existed UGR<19 LED Panel Light, we created a new UGR<17 LED Down Light in year 2020. Contact us for more details. Thanks.
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